Why Tumblr

I have nothing but respect for WordPress as blogging/CMS software and as an Open Source project. I just don’t have time to keep up so much stuff anymore for my personal blog. Every release means I have to upgrade plugins and core software for security, etc., and I upgrade for my company’s website anyways, but for my personal site too, Naah. Moreover, for many of my pals (and customers) need an example of how they can just buy a domain and still have a kickass blog.

Tumblr alleviates some of those issues for me as I just want to blog here — I don’t have to think about security or plugins. Sure, I’m giving up some freedom for security (as you always must) but overall it’s worth the time savings. Soon, all of my websites will be under one roof here at Tumblr. No more jumping around between platforms to post or perform maintenance. It’ll be easy-peasy. The Tumblr bookmarklet will let me post whatever is on my mind effortlessly, and I’ll be able to bring my personal blog into the awesome world of the Tumblr community. Cool.

Overall, I was going for clean, simple, calming, low-key. I’m deeply indebted to the Tumblr team for making a great starting-point theme and a fantastic blogging platform for those who want to just Tumblog and nothing else.

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